The Inspiration, Motive and Values of Nayatel Pakistan

The world is transforming from conventional to                    Logoentrepreneurial activities and practices. From developed to developing countries, the main focus of intelligentsia and states is to promote SMEs and entrepreneurship for the sustainable living of mankind. We being students of Business in developing countries were given examples of successful business leaders like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson, etc. These successful business icons belong to highly educated, technologically- oriented and disciplined countries, where they had been trained to excel as leaders in their careers.

The courses which we are taught focus on case studies of companies like Microsoft, Walmart, Amazon, and Google. Most of us do not recognize some of these names because we have never heard of or seen them (i.e. Walmart) in our locality. They are strange and foreign. We do not have access to such highly recognized brands. Very few of us from this part of the world know about the contributions and struggles of Noble Laureate and social entrepreneur Dr. Muhammad Yunus of Grameen Bank.

In societies like Pakistan, we need examples from the same soil to feel empowered and inspired to move forward. We are impressed with contributions from technologists, businessmen and scientists from the West, but feel an unparalleled sense of pride after learning about successful personalities from our own society.

In the quest of searching for success ventures from Pakistan and the challenges faced by those bright minds, I came to know about an entrepreneurial success story in the heart of Pakistan – NayaTel, a rapidly-growing Islamabad-based company of Pakistan. Three friends from the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore founded a small firm by the name of Micronet in 2001 to provide internet services. Later on, they managed to make an entrance into the more diverse and costly project of providing world class internet services in 2004 by using optic fiber.  “Naya” means “new” which is an Urdu word used by the company to give a familiar, local touch and recognition. It is the only company in Pakistan which is providing internet services, telephone and cable TV with the finest optic fiber technology. They were the first one in South Asia to provide such services by using such technology. Installing optic fiber requires huge capital and workforce, one has to dig all roads over in order to install and spread lines. The main focus was to provide internet services to Corporations, Embassies and households in our nation’s Capital.

Nayatel is now part of Pakistan 100 and Arabia 500’s fastest growing companies with a workforce of more than 700 technical and managerial staff. Until 2009, the net worth of its assets was more than five million US dollars with a growth rate of 1076% and spreading to other cities, too. According to entrepreneurial site “All World Network” (, the company is Pakistan’s second fastest growing company.


CEO of the company Wahaj Siraj stated in an interview, “Our customers are mainly from Embassies and their Consulates in the Capital. The American Ambassador used to get our services for two years and when he was leaving Pakistan, he said our services are better than New York internet service providers.”

 The Marriot Islamabad and adjoining IT Technology Park was devastated by the deadliest attack in 2008, however their professional team and engineers reinstalled the entire system within a record two days’ time.

Let’s view the mission and values of the company which are written in Urdu in the main office building:

To be a role model of trust, set higher standards of quality and add values to the society.”

Truthfulness               Honesty              Mannerism                   Simplicity            Knowledge                 Hard work               Sacrifice

The company’s name is in Urdu which is the national language of Pakistan. The Company’s founders grew up and studied in this land and have earned global recognition.

They haven’t outsourced their services from abroad. Currently, they are on the verge of competing with the world’s # 1 brands like Google and others by launching pure Pakistani email web servers.Their ambitions are very high and with a broad vision and proactive leadership, they will undoubtedly be achieving great feats and milestones.

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