Nine Things Learned from Farhan Masood via Social Media


The emergence of social media has changed life for so many of us. Learning, interacting, socializing and sharing have become an effective habit. Sharing experiences, thoughts, and happiness through this medium has become easy to reach out to a large pool of audience. I have been using social media for the past six years but most of the time it was not utilized properly. I thought like many others that it is a waste of time and it shouldn’t be given any importance. Luckily, I found a few folks on social media who are using the medium positively and effectively to inspire people around them. The presence of such brilliant minds makes me motivated to get in touch with such people to learn those things which are not accessible physically.

Today , I am sharing what I have learned from Farhan Masood (a fine entrepreneur, Futurologist and incredible human being) about his success and positive energy. Everybody who is aware of the development of the information technology sector in Pakistan knows about him. Although a college dropout, with his continuous struggle and hard work, he is currently known as one of the world’s most brilliant minds. Originating  urdu, arabic and persian language on internet, making an efficient database system for NADRA, founding a successful company Solotech, making world class eye recognition smart devices, and founder of the most patriotic Facebook page “Pakistan- Go Green” – there is a long list of his work and accomplishments; one can write a book on his struggles and achievements and I believe someone surely will in the near future.

You can find out more about him by just Googling him on the internet. I am not sharing his accomplishments in this blog but more importantly what I have seen and learned from his work and personality.

Below are the nine lessons which I have learned while interacting and following him on social media:

  • Stay positive, talk positive, breathe positive — spreading positivity will ultimately result in recognizable success.
  • Be patriotic; don’t accuse your motherland for your own faults. Believe in yourself and make your loved ones and country proud.
  • Don’t think that favouring would always work for you. Your abilities will gain everything for you. Free yourself from favouritism to get benefits.
  • Failures are best lessons to reach your goals with more passion and enthusiasm.
  • Have a smiley face whenever you feel tired. It will give you energy to compete with unbelievable things.
  • In case illness attacks you to stop you from your work, believe that those prayers from your loved ones always work.
  • Have faith in the Almighty – this is the only thing which gives you the courage to run fast to achieve the top position.
  • Share happiness around you – this is the best gift you can ever give to anyone. Happiness does not require any tangible thing to share.
  • Strive for the best – never compromise on the quality of work you do.

This is the crux of things which I have observed in the personality of Farhan Masood. His close ones know him better than me. Prayers and wishes for his future endeavours from the bottom of my heart. I truly believe he won’t celebrate his success solely. The proud nation waits to celebrate with him.

To know more about him, follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Watch his presentation in the University of Central Punjab and feel proud of this “Son of the Soil”.