Centangle’s Amazing Seven

We are in an era of evolution in technology, modes of businesses are changing. These technological changes make people interact with each other across the globe. The era of the internet, blogging and social media has given new dimensions to businesses to reach a larger audience. The world is shifting from conventional business practices to Entrepreneurship. 

Yesterday, I attended a productive workshop by CIPE (Centre of International Private Enterprise) in collaboration with The Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) on blogging and content writing. It was a privilege to meet young entrepreneurs from Islamabad.  The blogging and content writing session was conducted by famous social media strategist and blogger Hammad Siddiqui. The session was one of the first in Islamabad at this level for social media enthusiasts and bloggers. The use of social media to give a positive image of a society has great impact. You can make a positive as well as negative impression to the world by using such mediums.

After the session by Hammad Siddiqui, we were introduced to local entrepreneurs from our Capital. I was assigned to interview one of the entrepreneurs and publish their story on my personal blog. I met with a very energetic and passionate individual by the name of Mushahid Hussain, who is the co-founder of the company “Centangle.”

The story of this company is very inspiring and interesting. A group of seven friends decided to be entrepreneurs after they refused to work for corporate giants. The idea of running a company was generated in the last semester of their academic year in one of the recognized IT universities in Pakistan i.e. Comsats Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad.  They collectively decided to take a risk in a saturated market like Pakistan, where there is hopelessness for young professionals who mostly try to leave the country and pursue careers abroad.


At the startup, this group of seven friends became divided out of fear of risk-taking – two of them left the group and joined the corporate sector as employees. The remaining five friends collected money and invested in an IT company – “Centangle” . All the finances came from personal savings and families. They started working on different projects, namely IT and mobile application solutions. They marketed their services by using different mediums like social media and blogs. They began operating Facebook pages to reach audiences globally. The most important part of their work is that they were driven by passion and dedication to make the image of the country more positive and peaceful. 

In last few months, they have completed about sixteen projects of different organizations and now they’ve penetrated the market with their courage, belief and risk-taking ability. They are now being approached by different organizations and companies for their innovative IT solutions and services.  They have crossed their break-even point and have entered a profit margin which they are able to equally distribute among the shareholders of the company. Can you imagine a newly formed firm reaping returns in just a few months?

In a matter of four to five months, they now are in a position of hiring new staff due to the heavy burden of their work. Interestingly, the two friends who had left them at the start and wanted to be corporate employees have joined the team once again. However, they are not getting all the perks of the founding members and entrepreneurs of the company.

Now the team of “Centangle” is moving forward fast for their future endeavours. Their aims are very high and objectives are to be recognized as one of the most efficient IT & mobile solutions company in Pakistan and globally. They have wonderful plans for the future youth of Pakistan. They are working on different management systems and IT products related to career guidance of Pakistani students.  

 I wish them luck and outrageous success for their future projects and I believe anything which they do will contribute to this nation and its people. Their ideas will create and generate entrepreneurial and employment opportunities for so many. 



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